El Tipico
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El Tipico was established by Consuelo & Tsgt. Ezekiel Villa along with their children Francisco and Dina in 1968.  Originally from San Antonio, we moved to Toledo when our Father was stationed Downtown with the Air Force. Our Mother had a desire to share our culture and her love for good food with the Toledo area. We follow our Mother's recipes and her commitment to fresh ingredients. We never use preservatives or processed foods. We grow our own veggies out back in her garden & buy from local farmers. Our kitchen is 95% Gluten Free and has always been Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly. Our Mother loved to bring joy to our patrons through her food & Garden. 53 years later we continue to share her love & joy of good food with you. We serve the best because our patrons deserve the Best! 


Ingredients & Diet Preferences

  El Tipico Serves Organic Vegetables, Organic Refried Beans, Organic Mexican Rice, Organic Chicken, Organic Ground Beef and Grass Fed Steak. We offer Organic & Gluten Free Tortillas and Organic & Dairy Free Cheese upgrades. We cook our food in NON GMO  Sunflower oil. No Lard or dairy is used in our Beans. Our entire menu can be made Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten Free.  

If you are Gluten Free for medical reasons we ask that you please inform us so we can take extra precautions. Celiac orders are made using separate, fryers, pans & grills.