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Our Roots

El Tipico , Toledo’s oldest & only Fresh & Organic Mexican Restaurant, was established by Consuelo & Ezekiel Villa along with their children Francisco and Dina in 1968. El Tipico has always been considered to be a family restaurant serving quality food with integrity. We follow our Mother's recipes and her commitment to fresh ingredients. Including Grass Fed Beef, Organic Chicken, Organic Vegetables & Organic Grains. We grow our own veggies out back in our garden & buy from local farmers. Our kitchen is 95% Gluten Free and has always been Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly. Our Mother loved to bring joy to our patrons through her food & Garden. Fifty Two years later we continue to share her love & joy of good food with you.

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Food for Every Mood


The Perfect Choice

Vegan Enchiladas

Gluten Free too!


Open Thursday & Friday for Pre-order Pick up

3pm to 7pm

Bussiness Lunch Catering available

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